Presentation Feedback


2022 Seminar Feedback

2022 Seminar Feedback

  • Fantastic seminar. I loved it! Fascinating because Vanessa spoke from her own experience and it was uplifting and inspirational. Possibly the best seminar I've ever attended.
  • Great, dynamic presenter and knew her material inside out and made it relevant and interesting. I particularly liked the practical content and consideration of how this could affect your practice for the future.
  • Vanessa is a leading expert and has a knack of explaining things very clearly. Love her as a presenter. She's inspiring.
  • She left me feeling that if I encounter the sort of problem she was talking about, I should brief her and step back.
  • Vanessa's insights and tips were fantastic. It was great seeing a seminar presented from counsel involved in a case. It was helpful and insightful.
  • My team and I greatly enjoyed your session today. What I love the most about someone of your experience is that you clearly still love what you do. Vitally important, I think.
  • I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic webinar on s182 and Preston and for your tenacity for Mrs Preston. It was so heart-warming to know that there are still QCs of your stature who are prepared to do pro bono work of that nature. It really was a very useful webinar - clearly presented and an excellent reference paper. I have a mediation next week which has s182 as the central issue so I am feeling particuarly grateful for your work and clarification as it will no doubt be a hard-fought discussion.

Trusts and Relationship Property for Family Lawyers

May 2013 (with Isaac Hikaka)
  • This is probably the best booklet I have seen (Trusts and Relationship Property for Family Lawyers, NZLS CLE Ltd, May 2013). A real handbook that gives the analysis tools for a complex subject that is evolving case by case.
  • Excellent materials - detailed analysis of recent case law and how this affects practice in this area. One of the best courses I have been to in some time. Speakers were easy to listen to and follow.
  • Entertaining and engaging presentation from two excellent speakers.
  • Fascinating and very relevant.
  • A fantastic refresher, a useful motivator to look closer at trusts, and a good clear precis of the options to explore. I can't wait to have a case worthy of the skills promoted in this presentation

NZLS Trusts conference

June 2013 (with Professor Nicola Peart)
  • Very polished as one would expect from part of the TGT team
  • Excellent. Great content and wonderful presentation of in-depth issues.
  • Clear & commanding knowledge evident
  • Good practical stuff. I settled back, thinking, this is the stuff I come for
  • I found this an extremely helpful and succinct seminar. I have attended one of Vanessa's seminars previously and think she is excellent.
  • Wonderful presenter, great topic
  • I always find Vanessa's talks refreshingly down to earth, applying the law to real situations based on her experience

Challenging Wills: Key Issues for Practitioners Drafting Wills and Litigating Estate Disputes

May 2014, Legalwise
  • Practical and very helpful/useful
  • Excellent practical overview with interesting anecdotes to make it 'real'
  • Spoke in a clear way. Awesome!
  • Excellent - helpful, great delivery. Informative and great balance between the law and case history.
  • Excellent presentation, good fun