I want to say a very big thank you to you after our success at the Court of Appeal. It was such a fantastic result and I couldn't be happier. It was a huge effort by you and the team - I don't think we could have been better prepared.

It seems so long ago that I went to the Thurston case to see what it was about and straight away I knew that you were the one to represent me. You took on the big guys and fought for what was right. Initially the odds seemed very much against us but you did your great investigation work and found solid evidence to support our case. You fought so hard and put everything you had into it - you never gave up. You believed in me and you believed in my case.

Four years later who would have thought where our journey would take us. A great outcome has been achieved and we have seen you promoted to Queen's Counsel. You have really made a huge contribution to the success of the case and our subsequent win at the Court of Appeal. (Maryanne [Green] October 2016)

Well you did it again today. Another successful day in court Vanessa, you are the star!..You are fantastic to work with. A real dynamo.

Vanessa, I just want to thank you for the way you handled the case. You are a great advocate.

As always your work and commitment have been outstanding. I thoroughly enjoy working with you (and you also teach me so much).

I admire your dedication, commitment, passion, relentless hard work and your belief and understanding in what has happened.

Your sheer determination, drive, energy, vigour and hard work have been second to none.

Your excellence has shone through all the way!

You have been wonderful to deal with. Kind, caring and understanding all the way through. This has helped me through the process and made a huge difference.